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NEWS Publication of Pioneering Work on Generational Cycles Thursday 24 July sees the publication of Darrell Mann’s latest book – a collaboration with Happen and Archetype MP - entitled “GenerationZ – The New Kids On The Block Have Arrived”. 2014 Workshop Dates: We will be holding a 2 day TRIZ/Systematic Innovation Certification Level 1 & 2 workshop in our Clevedon office on 23 & 24 September 2104. The workshop will cover Ideality, Function Analysis, Contradiction & Inventive Principles, Resources, Technology Trends, Evolution Potential, S-Fields, Perception Mapping and the TrenDNA Process. Places can be booked through our on-line shop or by contacting us directly.

everything we believe is about
challenging status quos
turning every stone
sparking meaningful solutions


we do it by
uncovering the fundamentals
running towards paradox
embracing complexity


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Systematic Innovation
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