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everything we believe is about
challenging status quos
turning every stone
sparking meaningful solutions


we do it by
uncovering the fundamentals
running towards paradox
embracing complexity


we are
Systematic Innovation
the only
innovation company
on the planet

Sustainable Innovation Conference, 2019

  We will be speaking at this year’s biggest sustainability conference on March 5.

  More details at:


Darrell will be presenting ‘The Magnificent Seven versus The Insurance Industry’ at the Cardiff Business School executive breakfast on Tuesday 19 February.

Sign up here:


SI will be presenting at the Nottingham Business School Systematic Innovation Seminar on 23 January

More details in this flyer.


International Lean and Smart  Production Systems Summit

Sochi, 4-5 April 2019

Darrell will be presenting a keynote address at the 7th ILSPS Summit. The main topic of 2019’s event is: “LEAN and INDUSTRY 4.0 as a next level of operation excellence"

More details and registration coming soon.



It has just been announced that the 10th International Conference on Systematic Innovation will be held in Liverpool next year. 8-11 July are the dates to put in your diary.  Darrell will be presenting a keynote address on the opening day, and then presenting a tutorial on the last day. And hopefully entering one or two projects to the Global Innovation Competition.

More details in the conference flyer.







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