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Issue 11 December 02

Article – Who’s IFR?

Article – Who Moved My Trees?

Patent of the Month – Syntactic Foam

Best of The Month – The Web Of Life

Investments – Nano-Scale Shape Memory Alloys


Issue 10 November 02

Article – TRIZ And Jet Lag

Article – Case Studies In TRIZ: Breaking Hicks Law

Patent of the Month – Actuator

Best of The Month – Hyatt, Synoptics And The Six Challenges Of Creativity

Investments – Quantum Tunnelling Composite


Issue 9 October 02

Article – Un-Natural Creativity

Article – Conical Spirals

Article – Extracting Patterns From The Contradiction Matrix

Patent of the Month – Mass Detection

Best of The Month – Colour Palettes, Youngsoon Park

Conference Report – DRS, Brunel

Investments – Self-Organising Electronic Circuit


Issue 8 September 02

Article – More Parallel Thinking

Article – Getting Worse To Get Better… Revisited

Patent of the Month – Molecular Computer

Best of The Month – WOIS

Investments – Conductive Lithographic Films


Issue 7 August 02

Article – Finding The Future From The Past

Article – Serving The Greater Good

Patent of the Month – Map Database Apparatus

Conference Report – ISF2002, Dublin

Best of The Month – Project 50

Investments – Functional Foods


Issue 6 July 02

Article – More Opportunities

Article – Case Studies: CCTV Surveillance Camera

Patent of the Month – Foam Adhesive Tape

Conference Report – Axiomatic Design, Boston

Best of The Month – Simplified TRIZ

Investments – Cryotech ‘Ice-Chuck’

Issue 5 June 02

Article – Watching Systems Evolve

Article – Value Differentiation And Contradiction Finding

Patent of the Month – Laser Drug Delivery

Best of The Month – Shpakovsky, Samsung

Investments – Linear Motors


Issue 4 May 02

Article – Function Hierarchies

Article – System Completeness Versus System Viability

Patent of the Month – Drag Reduction

Best of The Month – I Am Right: You Are Wrong

Investments – Sonochemistry


Issue 3 April 02

Article – Normal Curve Contradictions

Article – Humour And Irony

Patent of the Month – Self-piercing Rivet/Self-Removing email

Best of The Month – WOIS

Investments – ‘Negative’ Materials


Issue 2 March 02

Article – Predicting Disruptive Technologies Using TRIZ Trends

Article – My Dream Suit (I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Will When I see It)

Patent of the Month – Medical Application Magnetic Bearing

Best of The Month –  Surfing The Edge of Chaos

Investments – Solar Amplifier


Issue February 02

The Lost Pages





Issue 1 January 02

Article – Measuring The Evolutionary Potential Of Your Business

Article – Root Contradictions

Article – Principle 41?

Patent of the Month –  GPS Application

Best of The Month – Management By Means

Investments – Low-Cost Piezoelectrics



Issue 0 December 01

Introduction to e-zine

Introduction to Patent Of The Month – Colouring Pencil

Introduction to Investment - Ferrofluids

Introduction to Humour


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Issue 23 December 03

Article – The (Least) Ideal Final Result

Article – Seven And The Downward Spiral

Patent of the Month – Fuel Injection System

Best of The Month/Investment – MERCI ‘Retriever’

Conference Report – Sustainable Design Conference, Stockholm

Biology – Yew Tree


Issue 22 November 03

Article – ‘Who’s Ideal Final Result?’ Contradictions

Article – Some Contradictions Are More Important Than Others: Managing Conflict Complexity

Patent of the Month – Electroactive Polymer Thermal Electric Generator

Best of The Month – Homage To Gaia

Conference Report – Mass Customization & Personalization, Munich

Investments – Metal Fuel Cells

Biology – Wing-In-Ground Effect


Issue 21 October 03

Article – Seven (TRIZ) Habits Of Highly Effective People

Article – Evolution Potential Hierarchies

Patent of the Month – Polymeric Film

Best of The Month – Brain Of The Firm

Conference Report – ECCI8, Mainz

Investments – Wax Balls

Biology – Guillemot Egg


Issue 20 September 03

Article – TRIZ And SixSigma – Compatibilities And Contradictions

Article – Non-Linear Evolution From Linear Trend Directions

Patent of the Month – Light Harvesting Rods

Best of The Month – The Rule Of Three

Conference Report – PICMET, Portland

Investments – Magnetic Shape Memory Effect

Biology – Delayed Fertilisation in Bats


Issue 19 August 03

Article – Levels Of Abstraction

Article – Evolution Potential For Business – Internal And External Focus

Patent of the Month – Defoaming Using Desonication

Best of The Month – Winkless/Cooney – Food packaging

Investments – Pulsed Ultrasound

Biology – Gecko Foot


Issue 18 July 03

Article – Finding The External Asymmetry

Article – Constraint Management – Transforming the Solvable Into the Unsolvable

Patent of the Month – High Intensity Light Source

Best of The Month – Anti-TRIZ Journal

Investments – Nanomagnetics

Biology – Killer WhaleI


17 June 03

Article – Trends And Constrained Evolution

Article – Paradox And The Creative Personality

Patent of the Month – Fuel Cell

Best of The Month – Cascini, Computer Aided Design Future Evolution

Conference Report – IEPM, Porto

Investments – Low Cost Solar Cells

Biology – Cuckoo Wrasse


16 May 03

Article – Staying One Contradiction Ahead Of The Competition

Article – More Root Cause Analysis (How Much Data Is Enough?)

Patent of the Month – Organic LED/Coated Nano-Particles

Best of The Month – Clockspeed

Conference Report – PICMET, Portland

Investments – Flat Motors

Biology – Sea Slugs


15 April 03

Article – Abundance Versus Scarcity Theory

Article – What Would Make TRIZ Really Take Off?

Patent of the Month – Learnable Non-Darwinian Evolution

Best of The Month – Emergence: The Connected Lives Of Ants, Brains, Cities & Software

Conference Report – TRIZCON/TRIZ Kongress

Investments – Capacitive Sensing

Biology – Gibbon


14 March 03

Article – If TRIZ Is So Good Why Isn’t Everyone Using It (Part 24)

Article – Actual Versus Perceived Ideality

Patent of the Month – Ultrasonic Thermometer

Best of The Month – Complexity Advantage

Conference Report – Passionate Machines, London

Investments – Electrically Conducting Plastics

Biology – Tengmalm’s Owl


13 February 03

Article – Convergence And Divergence In Language

Article – Combining Inventive Principles

Patent of the Month – Nanoscale Semiconductor

Best of The Month – Consilience

Investments – Environmentally Friendly Plastic Foams

Biology – Dung Beetle


12 January 03

Article – Innovating For Benefits

Article – The Ideal Contradiction Matrix

Patent of the Month – Laser Propelled Vehicle

Best of The Month – Evolutionary Trends

Investments – Motion Dampening


Issue 33 December 04

Article – Connections & Directions Towards The More Ideal System

Article – On ‘Preliminary Actions’

Patent of the Month – Laser Cooling

Best of The Month – Adaptive Enterprise

Conference Report – IMechE Fan Conference

Investments – Nanogels

Biology – Pond Skaters


Issue 32 October 04

Article – Over The Hump – Getting Beyond The Point Of Maximum Complexity Without Compromising The System

Article – TRIZ & SixSigma – 3) Positioning TRIZ In DMAIC Improvement Schemes

Patent of the Month – Quantum Dot LEDs

Conference Report – Inverness Sustainability

Best of The Month – The End Of Management

Investments – d3o, impact absorbing polymer

Biology – Lionfish


Issue 31 September 04

Article – Solving Lean Conflicts – TRIZ and the 15 Lean Wastes

Article – Evolving Evolutionary Potential – 4) Achievable Now And Achievable In The Future

Patent of the Month – Self-balancing

Best of The Month – The Origin of Brands

Investments – Nano-turf

Biology – Deception and Edge Effects


Issue 30 July 04

Article – If TRIZ Is So Good… 37) Pleasure Seeking, Pain Avoidance and Invention Machines

Article – Evolving Evolutionary Potential – 3) Increasing Differences

Patent of the Month – Particle Generation

Best of The Month – Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

Conference Report – MRI Knowledge Creation Symposium, Japan

Investments – Varioptic

Biology – Deception  and Acanthaspis petax



Issue 29 June 04

Article – Using Geometry To Reduce Stresses – ‘Not Letting The Design Tools Degrade The Product’

Article – Business Principle 22 – ‘Blessing In Disguise’

Patent of the Month – Self-Assembling Proteins

Best of The Month – A Theory Of Everything

Investments – Microneedles

Biology – Symbiosis


Issue 28 May 04

Article – Gracefully Degrading Products – Principle 22 And Design For Emotion

Article – Product Life And The System Complexity Trend

Patent of the Month – Perforated Foams

Best of The Month – RAND Corporation ‘top 10 security issues’

Investments – Water Repellant/Abosrbent

Biology – Caddis Fly Larvae


Issue 27 April 04

Article – People Don’t Like Change Because… Perception Mapping Hierarchies

Article – Business Principle 36 – ‘Paradigm Shift’

Patent of the Month – 3D PCBs

Best of The Month – Four Wings And A Prayer

Investments – The Ideal Stent…


Issue 26 March 04

Article – More On Evolution Potential Hierarchies – The Helicopter View

Article – Optimisation/Innovation Cycles

Patent of the Month – GPS speedometer

Best of The Month – Trends @

Investments – Spray-on Computers

Biology – Humpback whale


Issue 25 February 04

Article – Psychological Inertia Tools – Omega Life Views

Article – TRIZ & SixSigma – 2) Special Cause/Common Cause

Patent of the Month – Ring Laser

Best of The Month – The Value Model

Investments – Spintronics

Biology – Tenebrionid Beetle


Issue 24 January 04

Article – Motivating Staff

Article – TRIZ & SixSigma – 1) Working The Right Project

Patent of the Month – SMS Messaging

Best of The Month – Design Museum

Conference Report – ETRIA Conference, Aachen

Investments – Renishaw

Biology – Holly Leaves

Issue 45 December 05

Article –  Hero-Artist-Prophet-Nomad Cycles And Discontinuous Business Trends

Article –  A Limited Resource Problem

Patent of the Month –  Quantum Logic Gate

Best of The Month –  What Were They Thinking?

Conference Report – TRIZ Future Conference, Graz

Investments –  Crystal Sponges

Biology –  Mudskipper


Issue 44 November 05

Article –  ‘Partial’ Asymmetry’?

Article –  Lots Of Things To Improve, But Only One Thing Stopping Me

Patent of the Month –  Tubular Microstructures

Best of The Month –  The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid

Conference Report – International Dissemination Seminar, Hong Kong

Investments –  Insulating Concrete Forms

Biology –  Horsfield’s Hawk Cuckoo


Issue 43 October 05

Article –  ‘Less Than Zero’ Psychological Inertia

Article –  Defining Breakthrough Solutions 2) – Functional Connection

Patent of the Month –  Controlling Surface Chemistry

Best of The Month –  Inevitable Surprises

Conference Report – IMechE Compressor Conference, London

Investments –  Paper Fingerprints

Biology –  Burrowing Owl


Issue 42 September 05

Article –  Beyond The Second TRIZ Hurdle

Article –  Software (And Other) Design Patterns

Patent of the Month –  Folded Sheet Structures

Best of The Month –  The Pinball Effect

Conference Report – 1st TRIZ Symposium, Japan

Investments –  Nanofabrication

Biology –  Flying Snakes


Issue 41 August 05

Article –  Defining Breakthrough Solutions

Article –  The Ever-Shifting Ideal Final Result

Patent of the Month –  Comb-Branched Polymers

Best of The Month –  Predicting New Words

Conference Report – Joint Consultants Forum, London

Investments – Nanograss Battery

Biology – Rat’s Tail Plant


Issue 40 July 05

Article –  More On Root Contradictions

Article –  Business Contradictions: Moving A Library

Patent of the Month –  Composite Material

Best of The Month –  Animals In Translation

Conference Report – TRIZ Kongress, Frankfurt

Investments –  Glow-In-The-Dark Asthma Inhalers

Biology –  Nature Plus Tool

Issue 39 June 05

Article –  TRIZ, Salt Curves And Innovation (Thoughts On Being ‘Too Lean’)

Article –  ‘Everything Is The Field And The Field Is Everything’

Patent of the Month –  Optical Air Data Systems

Best of The Month –   Freakonomics

Conference Report – Kreaturk, Istanbul

Investments –  Nano Coatings

Biology – Rat Incisor


Issue 38 May 05

Article –   Mental Leaps (Contradiction Emergence And Resolution In Human Consciousness Evolution)

Article –   Where Does The New S-Curve Start (Thoughts On The TRIZCON presentation By Boris Zlotin)

Patent of the Month – Auxetic Fibres

Best of The Month –   Innovation And Its Discontents

Conference Report – TRIZCON05 (Platitudes and Paradoxes)

Investments –  Chicken Feathers

Biology – Springbok


Issue 37 April 05

Article –  36 Strategies Of Ancient China And TRIZ

Article –  Frames Of Reference - TRIZ, A Theory Of Everything And Edward DeBono

Patent of the Month –   Capillary Evaporator

Best of The Month –  Lynn Margulis – Acquiring Genomes

Conference Report – IMechE Un-Manned Aircraft Conference

Investments –  Materials Modification Inc.

Biology –  Thorny Devil Lizard


Issue 36 March 05

Article – Anticipate And Pre-empt – Controllability Trends And Looking-Glasses

Article –  The Red Queen Principle

Patent of the Month –  Nano-Porous Laminates

Best of The Month – Edward DeBono – The Six Value Medals

Investments – Transparent Transistors

Biology – Spoonbill


Issue 35 February 05

Article – Plausible Deniability (Or: The Point of TRIZ And How To Miss It)

Article – Beyond The ‘Yes, But…’ Wall

Patent of the Month –  Conductive Polymers

Best of The Month – Fritjof Capra – The Hidden Connections

Investments –  Flexible Scanner

Biology – Venus Flower Basket


Issue 34 January 05

Article – Finding The ‘Missing’ Functions

Article – TRIZ And Stage Gates

Patent of the Month –  Dielectric Foam Insulators

Best of The Month – Keith Jarrett: The Art Of Improvisation

Investments – Polymer Magnets

Biology – Tardigrades

Issue 57 December 06

Article –  Turning The House Of Quality On Its Side

Article –  Improving The Mono-Bi-Poly Trend

Patent of the Month –  Molecular Actuators

Best of The Month –   The Elegant Solution

Conference Report –  Retail Conference, Istanbul

Conference Report –  Jabir Walji, Jordan

Investments –   Energy Harvesting Sensors

Biology –  Star-Nosed Mole


Issue 56 November 06

Article –  Principle-Guided Patent Searches

Article –  TRIZ And Appreciative Inquiry

Patent of the Month –  Compressible Hearing Aid

Best of The Month –  Mavericks At Work

Investments –  Nanotecture Super Capacitors

Biology –  Fishing Bat


Issue 55 October 06

Article –  Case Studies In TRIZ – Clothes Peg – 3) Migration To Super/Sub System

Article –  Why ARIZ And Other Schemes Don’t Work

Patent of the Month –  Self-Powered Remote Control Device

Best of The Month –  Culture Code

Conference Report –  Infovision, Bangalore

Investments –  Self-Assembling Gel

Biology –  Cicada


Issue 54 September 06

Article –  9-Windows – Sometimes Sufficient; Sometimes Not

Article –  Case Studies In TRIZ – Clothes Peg – 2) Increasing-Decreasing Complexity Cycles

Patent of the Month –  Thermoelectric Device

Best of The Month –  Why Things Fail

Conference Report –  Japan TRIZ Conference

Investments –  Self-Printing

Biology –  Feather Mite


Issue 53 August 06

Article –   Case Studies In TRIZ – Clothes Peg – 1) System Completeness

Article –   Complexity Increases….. Because

Patent of the Month –  Light Emitter For A Display

Best of The Month –  Treasure Hunt

Conference Report –  11th Mexican Electronics Technology Congress, Nuevo Vallarta

Investments –  Nano-Lubricant

Biology –  Chameleon Tongue


Issue 52 July 06

Article –  Towards An Explanation Of The Rule Of Three

Article –  Accelerated Evolution (Innovations Will Happen Anyway, So Why Do We Need TRIZ?)

Patent of the Month –  Tri-State Electrochromic Device

Best of The Month –  Dialogue Mapping

Conference Report –  Innovation Culture Conference, Kuala Lumpur

Investments –  ‘Very Deep UV’

Biology –  Blackback Land Crab

Issue 51 June 06

Article –  New Trends – ‘Nest-Up’ And ‘Nest-Down’

Article –  Pleasure, Pain, Leaky Integrators And Getting People To Buy Into Change

Patent of the Month –  Detecting Volatile Compounds

Best of The Month –   Energies

Conference Report –  Creativity Jamboree/University of Greenwich

Investments –  Flexible Ceramics

Biology –  Locust Ear


Issue 50 May 06

Article –  Space/Time/InterFace and Free/Perfect/Now

Article –  Revisions To The ‘Damping’ Trend

Patent of the Month –  All-Optical Buffer

Best of The Month –  The Ten Faces Of Innovation

Conference Report –  TRIZCON, Milwaukee

Investments – Nano-Generators

Biology –  Wonderpus


Issue 49 April 06

Article –  Absence Or Disappearance As A Resource

Article –  When Trends Are ‘Obvious’

Patent of the Month –  Multi-Layer Composite Armour

Best of The Month –  Sources Of Power: How People Make Decisions

Conference Report –  DCU Innovation Day, Dublin

Investments –  Thermophiles

Biology –  Curlew


Issue 48 March 06

Article –  Think Of Someone Who Has A More Extreme Version Of Your Problem…

Article –  The 36 Literary Plots And Their Relationship To TRIZ

Patent of the Month –  Bomb Blast Suppression

Best of The Month –  I-Mode Wireless Eco-System

Investments –  3D Images in the Air

Biology –  Cane Toad versus Death Adder Evolution Arms Race


Issue 47 February 06

Article –  Case Studies In TRIZ: An Advertising Problem

Article –  Legislation Drives Innovation

Patent of the Month –  Molecular Switch

Best of The Month –  The Next Global Stage

Conference Report – AuxetNet Industry Day, Salford

Investments –  Foamed Concrete

Biology –  Carrion Crow


Issue 46 January 06

Article –  Conflict Networks

Article –  48 Power Laws And Their Relationship To The 40 Inventive Principles

Patent of the Month –  Laser Cutting Method

Best of The Month –  The Complexity Of Cooperation

Investments –  Lithium-Sulphur Batteries

Biology –  Boxfish (with thanks to the Anti-TRIZ-Journal)

Issue 69 December 07

Article –  Getting Worse To Get Better… Systematically

Article –  More On ‘Staying One Contradiction Ahead Of The Competition’

Patent of the Month –  Porous PTFE Materials

Best of The Month –   IP Handbook Of Best Practices

Conference Report –  Leveraging On IP For Wealth Creation

Investments –  Twisted Hollow Fibre Tube Armour

Generational Cycles –  Nick Drake: Man Out Of Time

Biology –  Willow Ptarmigan


Issue 68 November 07

Article –  Solving The ‘Systematic But Not Sequential’ Contradiction

Article –  Solving Software Contradictions

Patent of the Month –  Light Harvesting Materials/Nano-Thermometer

Best of The Month –   How To Measure Anything

Conference Report –  A Tale Of Two Cities: Birmingham & Merida

Investments –  Oxsensis Extreme Temperature Sensor

Generational Cycles –  PT Cruiser

Biology –  Winged Snail


Issue 67 October 07

Article –  Intangible ‘Fields’

Article –  The Whole Story – 1) Plot Types

Patent of the Month –  Pourable Butter

Best of The Month –  Randy Pausch/The Medici Effect

Conference Report –  South West Manufacturer’s Network Launch Event

Investments –   Plantic Biodegradable Plastic

Generational Cycles –  Star Wars

Biology –  Parasitic Fly


Issue 66 September 07

Article –  More Than 40 Principles: Combinations & Special Interpretations

Article –  Extreme Attribute Psychological Inertia Tool

Patent of the Month –  Ultra-Slow-Down And Storage Of Light Pulses

Best of The Month –  The Black Swan

Investments –  Image Search

Generational Cycles –  James Bond

Biology –  Hawaiian Field Cricket


Issue 65 August 07

Article –  Exploring The Non-Linearities in Spiral Dynamics

Article –  When The Voice Of The Product Gets It Wrong

Patent of the Month –  Acoustic Cavitation

Best of The Month –  The Cult Of The Amateur

Investments –  Fast Cars

Biology –  Robin


Issue 64 July 07

Article –  Contradictions In The Brain

Article –  Some People Are More Creative Than Others

Patent of the Month –  Auto-Stereoscopic Display

Best of The Month –  China’s Generation Y

Conference Report –  TRIZCON2007 Paper Review

Investments –  Infra-Red De-Burring

Biology –  Hairy Panic Grass


Issue 63 June 07

Article –  Re-Writing The Text Books

Article –  Convergent Evolution?

Patent of the Month –  The Real ‘Directed Evolution’

Best of The Month –  Joni Mitchell: Woman Of Heart And Mind

Conference Report –  Carbon Capture

Investments –  Thermoacoustic Stove/Refrigerator

Biology –  Happy-Face Spider


Issue 62 May 07

Article –  Theory Of Inventive Problem Solving Versus Theory Of Inventive Problem Finding

Article –  More On Innovation Timing – The Fickle Consumer

Patent of the Month –  Medication Delivery Method

Best of The Month –  The Halo Effect

Conference Report –  Qatar Foundation Workshop

Investments –  Tube Roller Bearing

Biology –  Silver Ant


Issue 61 April 07

Article –  Turtles All The Way Down: The Recursive Law Of System Completeness

Article –  How Big Is The Innovation (Blue) Ocean?

Article –  Circular Trends II – Meta-Trends

Patent of the Month –  Light Movable Liquid Crystal

Best of The Month –  An Introduction To Cybernetics

Conference Report –  ‘Leading CEO’ Summit, Dubai

Investments –  Self-Cleaning Concrete

Biology –  Common Periwinkle


Issue 60 March 07

Article –  Nature Of Order: Hierarchy & Aesthetics

Article –  Circular Trends

Patent of the Month –  Injectible Bodily Prosthetic

Best of The Month –  The Adversity Advantage

Conference Report –  Intelligent Housing, Birmingham

Investments –  Self-Waxing Ski

Biology –  Yamakagashi Snake


Issue 59 February 07

Article –  Case Studies In TRIZ: Trouble On The Buses

Article –  Causal Chains And The Sixth Why

Patent of the Month –  Contact-Less Gripper

Best of The Month –  On Intelligence

Investments –  Opto-Electrical Lens

Biology –  Archerfish


Issue 58 January 07

Article –  Effective Use Of Principle 35

Article –  The Law Of Requisite Variety And Failures Of Omission

Patent of the Month –  Flame Arrester

Best of The Month –  Mind Set!

Investments –  Solar Disinfection

Biology –  Weaver Bird Nest


Issue 81 December 08

Article –   Deconstructing ‘Wow’

Article –   Cynefin Framework And TRIZ Part1: Combining Different Worldviews

Patent of the Month –  Hydroentanglement

Best of The Month –  Chasing The Rabbit

Conference Report –  ISPIM

Investments –  Tidal Generation

Generational Cycles –  Music Reproduction Media

Biology –  Big Brown Bats


Issue 80 November 08

Article –   Case Studies In TRIZ: Evolution Of Automotive Braking Systems

Article –   The Heroes (Disruptive Innovation) Journey

Patent of the Month –  Emotion Recognition Method

Best of The Month –  The Language Of Things

Conference Report –  ETRIA

Investments –   Acoustic Cloak

Generational Cycles –  Prophets Wear Beards

Biology –  Grass Endophytes


Issue 79 October 08

Article –  (Systematic) Open Innovation

Article –  Case Studies In TRIZ: Evolving Paint

Patent of the Month –  Ultrafast Photoelectron Microscope

Best of The Month –  Leadership Development Framework

Conference Report –  Australia Mining Technology Conference

Investments –  Fatigue Sensor Cap

Generational Cycles –  Toy Fads

Biology –   Sea Wasp


Issue 78 September 08

Article –  CCO

Article –  29 Vedic Inventive Principles & Their Relationship With TRIZ

Patent of the Month –  Near-Field Aperture

Best of The Month –  We-Think

Conference Report –  EuroSPI

Investments –  NanoRods

Generational Cycles –  Social Networking Sites

Biology –   Mantis Shrimp


Issue 77 August 08

Articles –  Mapping The Real Jobs Customers Want Done

Articles –  New Trend: Relative Change

Patent of the Month –  Effector Machine Computation

Best of The Month –  Animal Innovation

Conference Report –  Materials For Armour Systems

Investments –  Negative Refraction Meta-Materials

Generational Cycles –  Chronicles Of Narnia

Biology –   Acacia Ants


Issue 76 July 08

Articles -  Re-Thinking The Physical Contradiction Solution Strategies

Articles – Levers 2) – Resource Check-List

Patent of the Month –  Camera Distortion Correction

Best of The Month –  Guerrilla Advertising

Conference Report –  8th Business Creativity Conference

Investments –  Functionally-Graded Materials

Generational Cycles –  Controversy

Biology –  Squirrels & Snakeskin

Issue 75 June 08

Article –  Meta-Matrices

Article –  The Effect Of Evolutionary Arms Races On Innovation Timing

Patent of the Month –  Zoom-Capable Scroll Bar

Best of The Month –  Extreme Toyota

Conference Report –   Skomer Bootcamp

Conference Report –  12th Annual Compensation & Benefits Forum

Investments –  Neuro-Biological Lighting

Generational Cycles –  The Royal Family

Biology –  Dolphin Sleep


Issue 74 May 08

Article –   Levers 1) – Heating Water Case Study

Article –   Universal Principles Of Design

Patent of the Month –  Electro-Active Polymer Generators

Best of The Month –   Vital Friends

Conference Report –  ‘Make It With Lasers’ Conference

Investments –  Body-Heat Powered Headsets

Generational Cycles –  The Raft Of The Medusa

Biology –  Pitcher Plant


Issue 73 April 08

Article –  Some Fields Are Better Than Others

Article –  The Difference Between What We Think And How We Think

Patent of the Month –  Synthetic Vision

Best of The Month –  The Future Of Management

Conference Report –  TRIZCON08

Investments –  Smart Holograms

Generational Cycles –  Viz

Biology –   Peregrine Falcon


Issue 72 March 08

Article –  A Universal Market Trend Framework?

Article –  Sustainability: Discontinuous Trend Pattern

Patent of the Month –  In-Situ Groundwater Filter

Best of The Month –  Herd

Conference Report –  New Applications of Computing in the Creative Industries

Investments –  Laser Treated MDF

Generational Cycles –  The Dandy

Biology –   Mud Dauber Wasp


Issue 71 February 08

Article –  Teaching The Different Spiral Dynamic Levels

Article –  Revising The Rhythm Co-ordination Trend

Patent of the Month –  Ultra-High Pressure Generation

Best of The Month –   Human Universals

Conference Report –  Spiral Dynamics Certification

Investments –  MIT Oil-Proofing

Generational Cycles –  Skirt Length

Biology –  Crocodilian Digestion


Issue 70 January 08

Article –  Beyond The Blue Ocean

Article –  40 Principles With Proverb Examples

Patent of the Month –  Magnetic Heating Device

Best of The Month –  Authenticity/Mind Of The Market

Conference Report –  2nd Taiwan TRIZ Conference

Investments –  Household LEDs

Generational Cycles –  For Those About To Rock…

Biology –  Fly-o-rama


Issue 93 December 09

Article –  Catch-22’s, Chickens, Eggs And Circular Logic

Article –  Fail Fast; Fail Forward: Challenging The ‘We Already Tried That’ Fallacy

Patent of the Month –  Solar Cell

Best of The Month –   Doubt: A History

Conference Report –  Higher Education Leadership Academy  ‘Shaping Minds’

Investments –  Super-hydrophobic Surfaces

Generational Cycles –  Battlestar Galactica

Biology –  Capuchin Monkey


Issue 92 November 09

Article –  Case Studies: Piston Ring TrendStorm

Article –  Trilemma Trilogy – Part 1: Introduction

Patent of the Month –  Neurostimulation

Best of The Month –  Global Technological Change

Conference Report –   Cognitive Edge/Cynefin

Investments –  Colour Change Roof-Tiles

Generational Cycles –  Barbie versus Bratz

Biology –  Stalk-Eyed Fly


Issue 91 October 09

Article –   Intangible Contradictions

Article –   Case Study: Evolving The Business Card

Patent of the Month –  Stressed Liquid Crystals

Best of The Month –  The Comfort Of Things

Conference Report –   5th Japan TRIZ Symposium

Investments –  Acoustic Tweezers

Generational Cycles –  Shoulder Pads, Pencil Skirts and Kitten Heels

Biology –  Hydroplaning Dolphins


Issue 90 September 09

Article –  Computer-Aided Innovation: Challenges & Contradictions

Article –  Case Studies: Self-Organising Traffic

Patent of the Month –  Efficient Lighting

Best of The Month –  The Nature Of Technology

Conference Report –   IFIP Conference, Harbin

Investments –  Laser Microphone

Generational Cycles –  Sitcoms

Biology –   Wasp Spider


Issue 89 August 09

Article –  The ‘Ahead Of The Parade’ Sweet-Spot

Article –  The Wisdom Of Individual Versus Crowd

Patent of the Month –  Self-Healing Concrete

Best of The Month –   The Failure Of Risk Management

Conference Report –   ISMTech, Malaysia

Investments –  Printable Battery

Generational Cycles –  Median Age At First Marriage

Biology –   Elephant Foot


Issue 88 July 09

Article –   Re-Thinking IP Protection Strategy

Article –   Mapping The Real Decisions People Make

Patent of the Month –  Forming Nano-Scale Features

Best of The Month –   Passages/New Passages

Conference Report –  Greenwich Creativity Jamboree

Investments –  Urine Power

Generational Cycles –  Britney, Audrey, Clint & Others

Biology –   Cyphochilus Beetle

Issue 87 June 09

Article -  Raising The IP Mountain: ‘Inventing Beyond’ Competitor Patents

Article -  Resonance And Rhythmic Entrainment As Resources

Patent of the Month –  Face Detection

Best of The Month –  Fundamental Design Method

Conference Report –  Technomart Malaysia

Investments –  Bacterial Cellulose Nanofibres

Generational Cycles –  Joan Of Arc And Baby Bust Generations

Biology –   Vaccinia Virus


Issue 86 May 09

Article -  A Miscellany Of Business Contradictions

Article -  New Trend: Customer Intangibles

Patent of the Month –  Branched Nano-Structures/3D Thin-Film Micro-Battery

Best of The Month –  Life Ascending

Conference Report –  UK TRIZ Forum #1

Investments –  Rapid-Charge Battery

Generational Cycles –  US Generational Voting Patterns

Biology –  Atlantic Jackknife Clam


Issue 85 April 09

Article -  Case Studies In TRIZ: Stent Evolution

Article -  TRIZ And The Hype Cycle

Patent of the Month –  Imaging In Adverse Turbid Conditions

Best of The Month –  The Pirate’s Dilemma

Conference Report –  Altran, Brazil

Investments –  Self-Inflating Tyres

Generational Cycles –  The Return Of The Screwball Comedy?

Biology –   Horned Desert Viper


Issue 84 March 09

Article –  Re-Thinking ‘Customer’ In IFR Attribute Definition

Article –  Improving The Decreasing Density Trend

Patent of the Month –  Electromagnetic Gun Barrel

Best of The Month –   The Next 100 Years

Conference Report –  TRIZCON v Hargraves

Investments –  Toxin-Eating Bio-Reactor

Generational Cycles –  Bukowski, Man Out Of Time

Biology –  Magnetic Cows


Issue 83 February 09

Article –  Case Studies In TRIZ: Moore’s Law

Article –  40 (Oblique Strategies) Principles

Patent of the Month –  Ultrasound Therapy

Best of The Month –  Archetype Cards

Investments –  Bomb-Proof Concrete

Generational Cycles –  National Introversion/Extroversion

Biology –  Squirrel


Issue 82 January 09

Article –  Case Studies In TRIZ: Cellulose Conversion

Article –  Cynefin Framework And SI Part 2: Re-Mapping Perception Mapping

Patent of the Month –  Arranging Ultra-Fine Particles/Micro-Channel Reactor

Best of The Month –  The Meaning Of Things

Conference Report –  Systematic Innovation Society, Taiwan

Investments –  Flexible Charge Pump Generator

Generational Cycles –  Children

Biology –  Torrent Frog


Issue 105 December 10

Article –  Corporate Anorexia

Article –  ‘Effective’ Creativity?

Patent of the Month –  Preserving Data Privacy

Best of The Month –  The Great Reset

Conference Report –  5th Congreso Iberoamericano TRIZ

Investments –  Modern Water

Generational Cycles –  Mature?

Biology –  Stoat


Issue 104 November 10

Article –  Innovation Dashboard – Putting It All Together

Article –  Taking Ideation Sessions To The Next Level

Patent of the Month –  Neuro-Mimetic Control Systems

Best of The Month –   Two-Speed World/Freak Nation

Investments –  Camfridge

Generational Cycles –  Reactives, Boomeritis & Holarchies

Biology –  Greater Roadrunner


Issue 103 October 10

Article –  Open Innovation & The BP Oil Spill

Article –  Mood Swings Part 2: Sine Waves & Archetypes

Patent of the Month –  Synergistic Superabsorbent Polymer

Best of The Month –   Innovations Of Kansei Engineering

Conference Report –  Dublin Innovation Forum

Investments –  Plastics & Nanoparticles

Generational Cycles –  Battle Of The Bands Pt 1 – Graham Parker v Elvis Costello

Biology –  Cuttlefish Hypnosis


Issue 102 September 10

Article –  Mood Swings Part 1: Generational Rhythms

Article –  Innovation Dashboard – Silo Index

Patent of the Month –  Semiconductor Meta-Materials

Best of The Month –   The Next Evolution Of Marketing

Conference Report –  First Beijing Global World City

Investments –  Self-Repairing Photo-Voltaics

Generational Cycles –  My Generation/Your Generation

Biology –  Wheel Spider


Issue 101 August 10

Article –   Requisite Agility

Article –   ApolloSigma: Evolving IP Robustness Measurement Capability

Patent of the Month –  Rapid Manufacture Of Carbon Nanotube Composites

Best of The Month –   Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen

Conference Report –  India TRIZ Conference

Investments –  Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

Generational Cycles –  It’s Not You, It’s Not Me

Biology –  Spiny Lobster


Issue 100 July 10

Article –   OODA and TRIZ

Article –   Breakthrough Advertising Campaign Design Using The RIGHT Process

Patent of the Month –  Variable Emittance Thermochromic Material

Best of The Month –   Sex, Science & Profits

Investments –  Photosynthetic Bacteria

Generational Cycles –  Elementary, My Dear Watson

Biology –  Spitting monkey


Issue 99 June 10

Article –   A Global Hierarchy Of Functions

Article –   Insight Mapping: Making Sense Of Raw Consumer Data

Patent of the Month –  Ceramic Aerogels

Best of The Month –   The Laws Of Disruption

Conference Report –  German TRIZ Konferenz

Investments –  Biodegradable (Chicken Feather) Plastic

Generational Cycles –

Biology –  Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait


Issue 98 May 10

Article –  Dunbar Numbers And Discontinuous Business Trend Patterns

Article –  TRIZ, Pirsig And Making Media Plus Matter Meaningful In The Moment

Patent of the Month –  Colour Enhancing Compositions

Best of The Month –  Innovation Myths & Mythstakes

Conference Report –   UK TRIZ Forum#2

Investments –  Folded Structures

Generational Cycles –  FCUK™

Biology –  Schooling Fish


Issue 97 April 10

Article –  The Three-Legged Stool Of Innovation

Article –  How Good Is My Patent (Pt 2: Current And Future Value)

Patent of the Month –  Liquid Crystal Power Generation

Best of The Month –  Direct Water Splitting

Conference Report –    Hargraves Innovation Conference

Investments –  Araya Pictures

Generational Cycles –  Banning Enid Blyton

Biology –  Fireseed


Issue 96 March 10

Article –  Building Organisational Innovation Capabilities

Article –  Oscillatory System Conflicts

Patent of the Month –  Therapeutic Carbon Monoxide

Best of The Month –  Obliquity

Conference Report –    Korea TRIZ Conference

Investments –  Raydiance Ultrashort Laser

Generational Cycles –  Dr Who

Biology –  Spider Hairs


Issue 95 February 10

Article –  Case Studies: iPhone And Backwards Evolution?

Article –  The Hero’s (S-Curve) Journey

Patent of the Month –  Bioactive Particles

Best of The Month –  The Ambiguity Advantage

Investments –  3D Touchscreens

Generational Cycles –  Childhood Maturation Imprints

Biology –  Pitcher Plant


Issue 94 January 10

Article –  Case Studies: Sleep Apnea

Article –  How Good Is My Patent (Pt 1: Rethinking The Levels Of Invention)

Patent of the Month –  Nanoprisms

Best of The Month –   Marketing Warfare

Conference Report –  Taiwan TRIZ Conference

Investments –  Light-Switchable Adhesive

Generational Cycles –  Lego’s ‘Kipper’ Commercial

Biology –  Deep-Sea Worm



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