Issue 117 December 11 Article – Preventing Polarity Politics Article – Strategy As A System Patent of the Month – Thermoacoustic Device Best of The Month – Good Strategy/Bad Strategy Conference Report – Innovations Kongress, Villach Investments – World’s Lightest Material Generational Cycles – C.W.Stoneking Biology – ‘Shrilk’ Issue 116 November 11 Article – The Obvious/Non-Obvious Paradox Article – SME Innovation: Crossing The Ditch Patent of the Month – Multi-Phasic Nanoparticles Best of The Month – Great By Choice Conference Report – CIME, Kilkenny Investments – 3D-Printed Bone Generational Cycles – Willy Wonka Biology – Sperm Whale Issue 115 October 11 Article – The Oversell/Undersell Paradox Article – Trend: Brain Time Patent of the Month – Self-Stratifying Coatings Best of The Month – The Great Crash Ahead Conference Report – Leadership Forum, Mauritius Investments – Nest Thermostat Generational Cycles – Protected Heroes Biology – Daphnia Issue 114 September 11 Article – Five Levels Of Open Innovation Article – The Gurdjieff Paradox Patent of the Month – Therapeutic Electric Fields Best of The Month – Building A Values-Driven Organization Conference Report – BSA, London Investments – Cancer Destroying Biological Computer Generational Cycles – The Rise and Fall Of The Dilbert Empire Biology – Hatchetfish Issue 113 August 11 Article – Root Cause Fallacies Article – Emotional Levers - Prior Action/Counteraction Patent of the Month – Elastomeric Piezoelectric Ultracapacitors Best of The Month – Talk To Me Conference Report – UNESCO STI Conference Investments – Phase-Matched Negative-Index Metamaterials Generational Cycles – Jilted Generation? Biology – Milk Snake Issue 112 July 11 Article – The Colour Of Efficacy Article – Case Studies: The Cross-Silo Project (Part 2: Developing The Solutions) Patent of the Month – Carbon C60 Best of The Month – Seeing The Forest For The Trees Conference Report – Rethink City Investments – Germ-Free Textiles Generational Cycles – Suffocating Artists Biology – Hairstreak Butterfly
Issue 111 June 11 Article – Case Studies: Business Innovation for HotGloo: Online Wireframe App Article – Proximities: Non-Linear Patterns Of Human Behaviour Patent of the Month – Star Silicon Polymers Best of The Month – Managing Transitions Conference Report – 2nd ICSI Conference, Shanghai Investments – Hydrogen-Producing Micro-Organisms Generational Cycles – Breastapo Biology – Mycrohylid Frog Issue 110 May 11 Article – Customers Buy Outcomes: Outcomes Buy Meaning Article – The Tigger/Eeyore Contradiction Patent of the Month – Antimicrobial Combination Therapy Best of The Month – Seven Deadly Colours Conference Report – Innovate To Success Investments – Heliswirl Stent Generational Cycles – Enviga Biology – Fire Ants Issue 109 April 11 Article – McKinsey 7S Model and The Law Of System Completeness Article – Case Studies: The Cross-Silo Project (Part 1: Unravelling The Complexity) Patent of the Month – Phase-Contrast X-Ray Imaging Best of The Month – The Decision Book Investments – Battery-Less Chemical Detector Generational Cycles – Heroic Heroes Biology – Frogfish Issue 108 March 11 Article – ‘Where To Innovate’ Deep-Dive Article – Case Studies: Blocked Nose Patent of the Month – Electromagnetic Flow Control Best of The Month – The Heart Of Change Conference Report – ‘The Science Of Innovation’, UPH, Jakarta Investments – Wave Energy Kites Generational Cycles – Vettriano versus DeLempicka Biology – Bolas Spider Issue 107 February 11 Article – Rethinking The Value Equation Article – The Law Of (Consulting) System Completeness Patent of the Month – Microwave Bio-Identification Best of The Month – Buy-In Investments – Anti-Laser Generational Cycles – Pragmatic Nomads Biology – Anna’s Hummingbird Issue 106 January 11 Article – Meta4 Article – Does The Lone Inventor Have A Role Anymore? (The Real Fourth Quadrant) Patent of the Month – Electrochemical Actuator Best of The Month – Being Wrong Investments – Self-Healing Gels Generational Cycles – Ear Plugs Biology – Pistol Shrimp
Issue 129 December 12 Article – The Steak/Sizzle Paradox Article – Where To Innovate Plus Two Patent of the Month – Bubble Launched Electrospinning Jets Best of The Month – No Man’s Land Investments – Atmospheric Photochemical Accelerator Generational Cycles – Protective Parents In Extremis Biology – Semaphore Frog Issue 128 November 12 Article – Periodic Table Of Innovation Article – The Hero’s Journey Enneagram Patent of the Month – Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibre Best of The Month – I Is An Other Conference Report – Art & Anthropology Investments – Pregnancy Scanner Generational Cycles – Protest! Biology – Common Kingfisher Issue 127 October 12 Article – Hearing What Is Really Being Said: Part 1 – Thinking Styles Article – Organisational Evolution: From Start-Up To Efficiency Engine Patent of the Month – Optical Image Shutter Best of The Month – Twilight Of The Elites Investments – Room-Temperature Maser Generational Cycles – UK Coalition Governments Biology – E.Coli Issue 126 September 12 Article – Start-Up Ordeals Article – Efficiency Engine Versus Learning & Innovation Organisation Structures Patent of the Month – Word Sense Disambiguation Best of The Month – Lost In Translation Investments – Wireless Cardiac Device Generational Cycles – The Three Hanks Biology – Red-Legged Salamander Issue Issue 125 August 12 Article – The Choice/No-Choice Paradox Article – Deep Metaphors & ‘Meaning’ As A System Patent of the Month – On-Demand Ontology Creation Best of The Month – The Other Side Of Innovation Conference Report – SI/X Future Investments – Flat Lens Generational Cycles – You’re Never Alone With A Strand Biology – Assassin Bug Issue 124 July 12 Article – Case Studies: Finding The Root Contradiction(s) Article – Pulse I : The Singularity Is Not Near Patent of the Month – Ocular Imaging System Best of The Month – Thoughts From A Grumpy Innovator Conference Report – ICSI, Korea Investments – Liquid Armour Generational Cycles – K-Pop Biology – African Reed Frog
Issue 123 June 12 Article – ‘Innovation Culture’ As A System Article – From Trend-Map To Trend Conflict Patent of the Month – Highly Nonlinear Pulsing Best of The Month – Zen Guitar Conference Report – LERC Investments – Nano-Immunoassays Generational Cycles – 2-Generation Parent-Child Gaps Biology – Emperor Moth Issue 122 May 12 Article – ICMM Level 0 – Four Axioms, Four Contradictions And A Funeral Article – Intangible Resources #1: Belief & The Leaky Integrator Valve Patent of the Month – Pulsed Corona Discharge Best of The Month – The Blind Spot Conference Report – UK TRIZ Forum #4 Investments – Anti-Reflective Plastics Generational Cycles – Gemma Hayes Biology – Reflectance Basking Issue 121 April 12 Article – A Sense Of Progress Article – Trilemmas Part 2: Yin-Yang-Yuan Patent of the Month – Pulsed Extraction Best of The Month – The Wide Lens Film Report – Moneyball Investments – Buckliball Generational Cycles – Dystopia Biology – Streptococcus pyogenes Issue 120 March 12 Article – The Attack/Defence Ratio S-Curve Inflection Point Article – The TRIZ/SI Elevator Pitch Patent of the Month – Fluid-Based Acoustic Sensing Best of The Month – What Matters Now Conference Report – Hargraves 2012 Investments – DNA Decoder Generational Cycles – Helicopters & Lawnmowers Biology – Scorpion Issue 119 February 12 Article – Societal Trend Hierarchies Article – Not Pushing Rivers (‘It’s The Economy, Stupid’ Redux) Patent of the Month – Spherical Piezoelectric Motor Best of The Month – Culture Cycles Investments – Polymer Solar Cells Generational Cycles – ‘Look At Me’/’Listen To Me’ Biology – Humpback Whale – Pectoral Fin Issue 118 January 12 Article – Where Innovation Attempts Fail – MNC v SME Article – Gravesian Psychology & Innovation Projects Patent of the Month – Active Contact Lens Best of The Month – Escape Velocity Conference Report – SSI Conference, Taiwan Investments – Graphene Insulator Generational Cycles – It’s A Wonderful (Nomad) Life Biology – Golden Orb Web Spider
Issue 141 December 13 Article – Beginning @ The Beginning Versus Beginning @ The End Article – Free, Perfect & (Not) Now Patent of the Month – Carbon Nanotubes From Flyash Best of The Month – Sweet Anticipation Conference – Innovation In Music Investments – Vanadium Dioxide Muscle Generational Cycles – Nomad Brands Biology – Coachwhip Snake Issue 140 November 13 Article – Universal Intangibles Article – Case Study: Buy-In From The Boss Patent of the Month – Ultrasonic Imaging Best of The Month – The Uncommon Life Of Common Objects Conference – UK TRIZ Forum#5 Investments – Synaptic Transistor Generational Cycles – Red Bull Biology – Glasswinged Butterfly Issue 139 October 13 Article – Art, Innovation & Inventive Principles Article – Hearing What Is Really Being Said: Part 2 – Mercuryφ Patent of the Month – Poisson Ratio Material Best of The Month – Enough Investments – Zoomable Holograms Generational Cycles – Feedback Biology – Cypovirus Issue 138 September 13 Article – Three Valid Patent Strategies Article – One-Hour Turbo-TRIZ Patent of the Month – Active Sonar System Best of The Month – The Pirate Organization Conference – AMPERE Investments – Portable Radar Generational Cycles – Old Guys Rule Biology – Planthopper Issue 137 August 13 Article – More On Three-Legged Stools Article – Case Study: Measuring The Real NHS Patent of the Month – Switchable Solvents Best of The Month – The Leadership Dance Investments – Oxygen Sponge Generational Cycles – Milky Way Biology – Sycamore Seed Issue 136 July 13 Article – Regulatory Contradictions Article – Pillars, Processes & Car-Parks Patent of the Month – On-Chip Antennas Best of The Month – The Infographic History Of The World Conference Report – Buckingham Lean Conference Investments – Stretchy Conductors Generational Cycles – Springsteen And I (Slight Return) Biology – Zebra & Ostrich
Issue 135 June 13 Article – Defining ‘Step-Change’ Article – Workshop Entropy – A Different Kind Of Agenda Patent of the Month – Resonance Enhanced Drilling Best of The Month – Why Yesterday Tells Of Tomorrow Investments – Solar Energy Antenna Generational Cycles – Class A Drug Use In UK Under 18s Biology – Pilobolus Issue 134 May 13 Article – Function Hierarchies And The Rule Of Three Article – Case Studies: The Real Reasons People Buy Candles Patent of the Month – Material Property Identification System Best of The Month – To Save Everything, Click Here Investments – Nano-Scavengers Generational Cycles – Half-Cycle Musicians Biology – Pom Pom Crab Issue 133 April 13 Article – Apple’s Perfect Storm? Article – Seeing Trends Before They Become Trends Patent of the Month – Shape-Shifting Surfaces Best of The Month – The Art Of Procrastination Conference Report – HKKMS Investments – NanoCMOS Generational Cycles – The Moralistic Prophet Biology – Mother Of Pearl Moth Caterpillar Issue 132 March 13 Article – Ten Innovation Trilemmas Article – Holes Patent of the Month – Temperature-Sensitive Textiles Best of The Month – Yes To The Mess Conference – Hargraves 2013 Investments – Biological Transistor Generational Cycles – The Wise Prophet Biology – Silver Ant II Issue 131 February 13 Article – Good Instinct/Bad Instinct Article – Patent Quality Of The World’s Biggest Patenters Patent of the Month – Anti-Frost Coating Best of The Month – The Two-Second Advantage Investments – Matternet Generational Cycles – Onesies Biology – Giraffe Issue 130 January 13 Article – Resilience Article – The Rule Of Three And Do I Need To Innovate? Patent of the Month – Multi-Domain Acoustic Wave Devices Best of The Month – Trade-Off Investments – Focusing Heat Generational Cycles – Freedom & Coming Of Age Biology – Woodpecker Beak & Skull
Issue 153 - December 2014 Article – Case Studies: ‘We Already Tried That’ #47 Article – Case Studies: Uber Part 2 Not So Funny – Irony Patent of the Month – Enhanced Combustion Best of The Month – Complex Adaptive Leadership Wow In Music – Money Investments – Multi-ferroic Materials Generational Cycles – I Wish It Could Be A Fairytale Of New York Every Year Biology – Directional Hearing In Birds Issue 152 - November 2014 Article – Universal Hierarchy Of Contradictions Article – Case Studies: Uber Part 1 Not So Funny – Chocolate Teapots & Inflatable Dartboards Patent of the Month – High Energy Storage Capacitor Best of The Month – Atlas Of Economic Complexity Wow In Music – Love & Affection Investments – Electrostatic Motor Generational Cycles – Unmet Needs Biology – Gannet Issue 151 - October 2014 Article – Measuring ‘Good’ Article – Case Study: Driver Distraction Not So Funny – Pet Shaming Patent of the Month – Acoustic Meta-Material Best of The Month – The Whitehall Effect Investments – Faulty Proteins Wow In Music – Surprise Me! Generational Cycles – Not Selling Out & The Spice Girls Biology – Krill Issue 150 - September 2014 Article – PanSensics: Complexity Landscape Article – Case Studies: In (Partial) Defence Of Parkinson’s Law Definitely Not Funny – Bad Taxidermy Patent of the Month – Electromotive Delivery Of Macromolecules Best of The Month – Theory U Conference Report – Ambient Assisted Living, Bucharest Investments – Good Anthrax Wow In Music - Tingles Generational Cycles – PMRC Biology – Oilbird Issue 149 August 14 Article – Inevitables, Mappables & First Signs Of Madness Article – Case Studies: Evidence Shmevidence Funny? “The Uncomfortable” Patent of the Month – Lithium Super-Battery Best of The Month – The Hour Between Dog And Wolf Wow In Music – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head Investments – Solar Steam Generation Generational Cycles – Teenage Rebellion Biology – Owl Wing Issue 148 July 14 Article – Case Studies: ‘Effective Aerobic And Resistive Exercise Device’ Article – Case Studies: ‘Did Not Attend’s Not So Funny – Generation Identification Short-Cuts Patent of the Month – Optical Fractionation Best of The Month – The Disruption Machine Wow In Music – Earworms, Carly Rae Jepsen & Mariah Carey Investments – Injectable Foam Generational Cycles – Quarter-Life Crisis? Biology – Fig Wasp
Issue 147 June 14 Article – Case Studies: Patient Compliance Improvement Article – Case Studies: England’s World Cup 2014 Campaign Patent of the Month – Best of The Month – The Progress Principle Investments – Wow In Music – Generational Cycles – The Lindbergh Kidnapping Biology – Cuckoo Issue 146 May 14 Article – Balance & The Icarus Paradox Revisited Article – Mapping Customer Frustration Patent of the Month – Non-Thermal Applications Of Gas Plasma Best of The Month – Strategy: A History Investments – Electroceuticals Wow In Music – Ravel’s Bolero Generational Cycles – Suffocated Artists Biology – Red Crossbill Issue 145 April 14 Article – Case Studies: Complaint Levels Are High Because… Article – PanSensics: Life-Stage Archetypes Tool Patent of the Month – Nano Vacuum Tube Energy Stores Best of The Month – Essentialism Conference Report – AGILIA, Brno Investments – Hot-Wiring Kidneys Generational Cycles – James Dean Biology – Galectins Issue 144 March 14 Article – A Real-World Market Opportunity Landscape Article – The Sick Switch Patent of the Month – Acoustic Deterrence Best of The Month – Just Start Investments – Squeezing Light Into Metals’ Generational Cycles – Exception Following The Rule: Pragmatic Mother (Not) Suffocating Biology – Mimosa Issue 143 February 14 Article – Critical Mass At The Critical Point? Article – PanSensics: Forward/Backwards Ratio Measurement Tool Patent of the Month – Plasma Modification Of Polymers Best of The Month – Wilful Blindness Investments – Catalytic Converter Generational Cycles – Unravelling In The Early 1980s Biology – Polar Bear Fur Issue 142 January 14 Article – Going Around The Loop Twice Article – Trilemmas 3 – Breaking Iron Triangles Patent of the Month – Pile-Driving & LED Best of The Month – Managing The Unknowable Conference Report – Philosophy Clinic Investments – Tera-Barrier Films Generational Cycles – Life-Stage Step Changes Biology – Wombat Scats
Issue 165 - December 2015 Article – The Role Of Measurement In Innovation Attempt Failures Article – ‘ABC-M Gets Better’? Not So Funny – 40 Inventive (Exam Question) Principles Patent of the Month – Aerostatic Bearing Best of The Month – Team Of Teams Wow In Music – The Rite Of Spring Investments – Artificial Bioreactors Generational Cycles – Flares Biology – Sheep Issue 164 - November 2015 Article – TRIZ/SI Deployment As A Function Of Innovation Capability Article – Case Studies: Why We Don’t Go To The Places We Have Ideas Not So Funny – Evolving Pet Accessories Patent of the Month – Optical Manipulation Of Micro-Particles Best of The Month – The Glass Cage Wow In Music – Superstition Conference – ETRIA, TRIZ Future, Berlin Investments – 3D-Printed Drug Delivery Needles Generational Cycles – It’s Not Dead, It’s Resting Biology – Cricket Issue 163 - October 2015 Article – The Role Of Measurement In Innovation Attempt Failures Article – ‘ABC-M Gets Better’? Not So Funny – 40 Inventive (Exam Question) Principles Patent of the Month – Aerostatic Bearing Best of The Month – Team Of Teams Wow In Music – The Rite Of Spring Investments – Artificial Bioreactors Generational Cycles – Flares Biology – Sheep Issue 162 - September 2015 Article – Does The TRIZ Community Use TRIZ? Article – PanSensic: Brand Personality Tool Not So Funny – Bad Instructions Patent of the Month – Plasma Encapsulation Best of The Month – The Half-Life Of Facts Wow In Music – Adagio For Strings Investments – Smartphone Microscope Generational Cycles – So… Biology – Sea Sapphire Issue 161 - August 2015 Article – No Needles In The Haystack? Article – Talking To The Mental Gears Not So Funny – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Patent of the Month – Oral Insulin Capsule Best of The Month – The Blunders Of Our Governments Wow In Music – Blue In Green Investments – Ultrahaptics Generational Cycles – Oh, I Don’t Like To Be Beside The Seaside Biology – Flying V Issue 160 - July 2015 Article – PanSensic: Contradiction Finder Lens Article – Internal Versus External Mental Gears Not So Funny – Bad Day At The Paper Patent of the Month – Fast Hologram Generation Best of The Month – Who Gets What And Why Conference Report – 6th ICSI, Hong Kong Wow In Music – 1812 Overture Investments – Graphene-Based Ultrasonics Generational Cycles – Ryley Walker Biology – Seahorse Tail
Issue 159 - June 2015 Article – Developing Better Problem Solving Instincts Article – A Day In The (Trade-Off) Life First World Problems – Slicing Pizza Patent of the Month – Contactless Stimulation of the Central Nervous System Best of The Month – Left Brain, Right Stuff Wow In Music – Thru The Eyes Of Ruby Investments – Solar Water-Splitter Generational Cycles – “How To Raise An Adult” Biology – Mantis Shrimp II Short Thort News Issue 158 - May 2015 Article – Case Studies: Plan B and No Plan B Article – Never Make Predictions… Especially About The Future Art – Erwin Wurm Patent of the Month – Lignin-Based Nanostructures Best of The Month – No Ordinary Disruption Wow In Music – On The Crest Of A Wave Investments – Wood-Pulp Battery Generational Cycles – XYZ ABC Biology – Plant Immune Receptors Short Thort News Issue 157 - April 2015 Article – Starters, Finishers & Everyone Inbetween Article – Case Studies: I Want Redundancy And I Don’t Want Redundancy Fairly Funny – London Underground Patent of the Month – Ceramic Shape Memory Alloy Best of The Month – This Idea Must Die Wow In Music – Should I Stay Or Should I Go Investments – Artificial Photosynthesis Generational Cycles – Top Hat Biology – Panic Grass Issue 156 - March 2015 Article – Automating Innovation Capability Maturity Measurement Article – Case Studies: Gravy Serious – First World Contradictions #1: Toilet Roll Patent of the Month – Superwetting Surfaces Best of The Month – Zero To One Wow In Music – Happiness Is A Warm Gun Investments – Ghost Machine? Generational Cycles – Demi Moore, 1991 Biology – Sea-Squirt Microbes Issue 155 - February 2015 Article – Case Study: Predictive Policing Article – Innovation Timing: When Bad Becomes Good Not So Funny – Inventive Principle 41 Patent of the Month – Fire Extinguishing System Best of The Month – Seventeen Contradictions & The End Of Capitalism Wow In Music – Zadok The Priest Investments – Circadian Clock Reset Button Generational Cycles – Binge Drinking Biology – Mexican Free-Tailed Bat Issue 154 - January 2015 Article – Cool Article – Feeling Better About Getting Worse Worst Of 2014 Awards Patent of the Month – Cold Plasma Best of The Month – The Symbolism Of Habitat Wow In Music – Summertime Investments – 4D Printing Generational Cycles – Hero Patients Biology – Bornean Gliding Lizard
Issue 166 - January 2016 Article – Big Data Quintessence: Measuring Equality Article – A Crash Course In Complexity Worst Of 2015 Awards Patent of the Month – Water-Driven Polymer Composite Actuator Best of The Month – Immunity To Change Wow In Music – Unforgettable Investments – Hydrogen Biofuel Nano-Reactor Generational Cycles – Wise Boomers II - The Wrong Side Of The Tracks Biology – Chameleon Foot Issue 167 - February 2016 Article – ABC-M Landscapes Article – Evolving The Creativity Scan Really Not Funny – Reasons For Visiting The Hospital Patent of the Month – Electrokinetic Nanothruster Best of The Month – A Beautiful Constraint Wow In Music – Heroes: David Bowie RIP Investments – Metallic Glue Generational Cycles – Waiter, There’s A Y In My Soup Biology – Limpet Teeth Issue 168 - March 2016 Article – Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There Article – Case Study: Hurricanes, Pop-Tarts & Optimization Versus Innovation Humour – Tyler Vigen Patent of the Month – Hydrocarbon Production Method Best of The Month – The Formula Wow In Music – Rock And Roll Doctor Investments – Light-Activated Gold Nanoparticles Generational Cycles – First Cars Biology – New Caledonian Crow Issue 169 - April 2016 Article – Case Study: Of David’s And Goliath’s Article – Does Innovation Capability Improvement Make Sense? Not So Funny – Slightly More, Slightly Less Patent of the Month – Sonochemical Coating Best of The Month – Originals Wow In Music – Miles Around Midnight Investments – Microwaved Biofuel Generational Cycles – GenX Housing Biology – Farming Amoebae Issue 170 - May 2016 Article – The Right Leader? Article – The Fence Paradox Not So Funny – More Off-Kilter Design Patent of the Month – Nanomechanical Photonic Devices Best of The Month – Drift Into Failure Wow In Music – Tell Me Something Good Investments – Good Biofilms Generational Cycles – Generations And (UK) Geography Biology – Ampullae of Lorenzini Issue 171 - June Article – Managing The (4H) Unknowns Article – Getting The Best Out Of The Contradiction Matrix Not So Funny – A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words Patent of the Month – Joining Dis-similar Materials Best of The Month – The Right Kind Of Crazy Wow In Music – Money For Nothing Investments – Light Amplifier Generational Cycles – BREXIT Biology – Arctic Ground Squirrel
Issue 172 - July 2016 Article – Divergence, Iteration & Operational Excellence Article – Case Study: The Italian Job Not So Funny – Innovation BS Bingo Patent of the Month – Nonlinear Spring Best of The Month – The Inevitable Wow In Music – Dogs Investments – Pee Power Generational Cycles – Five Go Gluten Free Biology – Coconut Shell issue 173 - August 2016 Article – Innovation Systems Article – Case Study: Equity (Or Not) Definitely Not Funny – TRIZ Crackpot Rigour #277 Patent of the Month – Ultrasonic Water Purification Best of The Month – Unthink Wow In Music – Stairway To Heaven Investments – Carbon Dioxide As Fuel Generational Cycles – Getting Stuck Biology – Soaring Birds Issue 174 - September 2016 Article – Rethinking The Robust Design Trend Article – Perfect Tolerances? Not so Funny – Acronautics Patent of the Month – Self-Cleaning Solar Panels Best of The Month – Systems Thinking For Social Change Wow In Music – Tragedy Investments – Anti-Friction Fluidics Generational Cycles – Theory Of (Generational) Everything Biology – Luna Moth Issue 175 - October 2016 Article – Physical Contradictions & 27 Windows Article – Evolving The Use Of Senses Trend Not So Funny – Extreme Duct Tape Patent of the Month – Thermo-Electric Conversion Material Best of The Month – The Real Crash/The Crash Of 2016 Wow In Music – Jump Investments – Self-Organising Nano-Materials Generational Cycles – Scream I-IV Biology – Long-Eared Bat Issue 176 - November 2016 Article – Case Study: Cleaning School Article – ABC-M, SCARF And Self-Esteem As A System Not So Funny – Principle 2 Signs Patent of the Month – Implantable Devices Best of The Month – The Moral Molecule Wow In Music – Supper’s Ready Investments – Water Seer Generational Cycles – The King Biology – Phytochromes Issue 177 - December 2016 Article – Command-And-Control Versus Self-Organising Article – Not Promoter Score Not So Funny – Emoldji’s Patent of the Month – Sound Absorbing Material Best of The Month – Dealing With Dilemmas Wow In Music – Smoke On The Water Investments – Sonic Fire Extinguisher Generational Cycles – Pot Noodle Biology – Flounder
Issue 178 - January 2017 Article – Design Thinking – Philosophy, Method, Tool Article – “A Good Question Is Worth A Thousand Answers” Worst Of 2016 Awards Patent of the Month – Gas Separation Process Best of The Month – Ryan Adams’ ‘Stack’ Method Wow In Music – Kiss Investments – Bacteria-Powered Battery Generational Cycles – Generation K (Or P) Biology – Mugger Crocodile Issue 179 - February 2017 Article – I Want TRIZ To Be Easy And Difficult Article – Case Studies: Milk-Shake Not So Funny – See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Patent of the Month – High Brightness White Lighting Best of The Month – Seeing What Others Don’t Wow In Music – What A Fool Believes Investments – Green Cake Generational Cycles – Nomad Tells Biology – Buff-Tip Moth Issue 180 - March 2017 Article – Case Study: B2B Intangibles Article – The Morality Of Toast Not So Funny – 2016 Darwin Awards Patent of the Month – Microwave Dehydration Best of The Month – Panarchy Wow In Music – Spirit Of Eden Investments – Isomax Generational Cycles – 4Gs & Generations Biology – Honeyguide Issue 181 - April 2017 Article – Re-Thinking Physical Contradictions #1: Technical Problems Article – Evolution Potential Hierarchies Not So Funny – Buzzword Bingo Patent of the Month – Light Therapy Treatment Best of The Month – The Hard Thing About Hard Things Wow In Music – Wichita Lineman Investments – Self-Healing Polymer Generational Cycles – GenY & Gender Differences Biology – Bramble Short Thort News Issue 182 - May 2017 Article – Chief Contradiction Officer Article – Principle 3 Deep Dive Not So Funny – Sarcasm, Highest Form Of Wit? Patent of the Month – Delaying Ice Formation Best of The Month – Reinventing Organizations Wow In Music – Overture/Cotton Avenue Investments – Battery-Less Implants Generational Cycles – ‘Old Millennials’ Biology – Naked Mole Rat Short Thort News Issue 183 - June 2017 Article – Right-versus-Right versus Right-versus-Wrong Article – #-Shaped People Not So Funny – Butt-Crack Fashion Patent of the Month – Vortex Generator Best of The Month – This Is Your Brain On Parasites Wow In Music – Making Plans for Nigel Investments – Solar Paint Generational Cycles – Millennial Women – Crisis? What Crisis? Biology – Cope’s Gray Treefrog Short Thort News
Issue 184 - July 2017 Article – Case Study: Nationalisation Versus Privatisation Article – First Principles First Not So Funny – Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It? Patent of the Month – Nanowire Motor Best of The Month – The New Polymath Conference Report – International Conference On Systematic Innovation Wow In Music – ‘The Hitmaker’ Investments – Roman Concrete Generational Cycles – Imagine Biology – Jewel Wasp Short Thort News Issue 185 - August 2017 Article – Case Study: Perverse Incentives In Academia Article – Patent Invent-Beyond Templates Not So Funny – Missing Patent of the Month – Phonon-Recycling LEDs Best of The Month – Seven Life Lessons Of Chaos Wow In Music – Black Dog Investments – Dirty-Aluminium Biofuel Catalyst Generational Cycles – Dr Who XIII Biology – Dischidia rafflesiana Short Thort News Issue 186 - September 2017 Article – Glass Half-Full And Half Empty Article – # Landscapes Not So Funny – Cat Rheology Patent of the Month – Target Neutralization Best of The Month – Moral Tribes Wow In Music – The Steely Dan Chord Investments – Silk Coating Generational Cycles – Mid-Life Crises Biology – Cuckoo Eggs Short Thort News
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